Charlie Waite Photography

Nature’s Theatre

There are so many occasions when the business of landscape photography brings with it numerous other dimensions resulting in a profound enrichment that goes far beyond photography.

For some weeks, I had been feeling an extreme sense of LPD (Landscape Photography Deprivation) and at 7pm on a Wednesday evening and almost in a state of panic, I set off to a wood I knew to just ‘be there’.
On arrival it was as if the theatre curtains parted inviting me to step up on to the stage and enter the show. The last evening light, still surprisingly cool, beamed into the wood. The cathedral like acoustics gave the birdsong a reverberation that was deafening and with my first hearing of a cuckoo, I felt that the entire performance was all laid on for me; just for me and it was all just there waiting for me to immerse myself into it.

I have a new house rule; never to let a week pass without allowing myself to go and participate in another show……. oh and ideally with my camera!

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