Charlie Waite Photography


World renowned landscape photographer, Charlie Waite has been an advocate of ‘the photograph’ and the importance of engaging with the landscape through photography for over 30 years.

He has had a lifetime of experience talking to photography enthusiasts and has travelled the length and breadth of the UK, Europe and the USA. His passion for passing on his experience and knowledge and his engaging manner, warmth and lively anecdotes have resulted in loyal audiences across the globe who share his love of truly immersing themselves with the landscape through the lens.

Waite proves through his own photography, the magical creative endeavour of his relationship with the natural world and how this transcends into a permanent record of beauty and the utmost respect for the world around him.  His photographs are said to convey a quality of spirituality and calm and have an almost painterly quality.

“Photography is a production”. From his roots as an actor, Waite became fascinated with theatrical lighting and design. Starting out his photography endeavours taking images of fellow actors for their portfolio, he transferred his attentions to landscape photography after a chance meeting with a publisher and frequent ramblings through the countryside here in the UK and in France.

Since then, Waite has visited over 40 countries across all continents, discovered the most wonderful locations and captured the very essence of all that is special and unique about a place.

Nature Photo Festival, Vargarda, Sweden.- 2016

Waite conducts his lectures with passion, humour and grace, and takes the audience on colourful and enchanting journey. Highly illustrated, his lectures are enjoyable, uplifting and memorable with many finding inspiration to explore the natural world further embarking on their own personal journey with or without a camera.

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  • John Stoddard said:

    "I was at the Charlie Waite talk last night and wanted to say I really enjoyed it and I'm glad you arranged and brought this to Aberdeen. The talk made me appreciate shapes and light even further and think more about my own photography. - "

  • Ian Booth said:

    "Congratulations on a superb evening last night. Everyone I have spoken to said how special it was and, therefore, how much they had enjoyed it. Many of the points he made will affect people’s perspective on what they do and how they do it. For myself, I found the need to go back and review my own philosophy and look at when the best images have been captured. A great evening, thanks for organising this."

  • Louise Black said:

    "Many thanks for organising such a great event. It’s fantastic to have such an eminent photographer as Charlie Waite come to Aberdeen to speak, and an eloquent, thought provoking and inspiring speaker he is. I came away with a better understanding of composition and of course the importance of light and shade. It must be a signifiant amount of work for you but it is very much appreciated. "

  • Angela Main said:

    "It was a fantastic evening. Charlie was a superb speaker and so inspirational. Thanks for hosting the event."