Charlie Waite Photography

Corporate Responsibility Statement



Charlie Waite has been photographing landscapes for over 40 years and has been a committed environmentalist since his early twenties.

Rather than offsetting, which Charlie does for all his flights, he is now of the mind-set that he should reduce the amount he flies altogether so he has swapped a significant amount of international trips for UK and Europe based trips.  When he does have to attend meetings and conferences, he uses public transport wherever possible with the train being his preferred method of transport.

Charlie Waite prefers to experience the great outdoors by being part of it, learning about it and exploring it on foot rather than looking at it through the window of a big vehicle. His limitless enthusiasm for the subject knows no bounds and Charlie is known for being up super early and out till late after dusk.

With the utmost respect for the landscape, be it rural or otherwise, he insists on leaving locations exactly as he finds them, with his footprints being the only ever possible evidence of him ever having been present. Anything that cannot be disposed of correctly, he brings home.

Responsible travel maximises the benefits and minimises the negative effects of tourism, which is why Charlie works hard to ensure his travels have a positive impact when selecting any third parties he works with.

He does not participate in or promote photography that involves animals in captivity or animals in sport and avoids the use of animal products.

Charlie likes to visit local conservation or social projects during his recces, tours, his tuition days and during photo shoots respecting local cultures, traditions and holy places, and always asks permission before photographing, endeavouring to email or post pictures if requested at a later date.

Back home, he takes every measure to run an office as energy-efficient as possible, giving careful consideration to the items he purchases and how he recycles, for examples anything he is unable to recycle is donated to a local school or Community Centre, where possible.

Charlie is constantly reviewing his responsibilities and is always looking for ways to improve his relationship with people, communities and the environment. If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions on how Charlie could improve his environmental footprint, please get in touch.

Thank you.