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Focusing on composition, juxtapositions of form, light and contrast, Waite's books and DVD's reveal practical and technical information and include breathtaking imagery of some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

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New hardback book ‘Behind the Photograph’ by Charlie Waite


New hardback book ‘Behind the Photograph’ by Charlie Waite “Over the last 20 years, I have become more and more intrigued as to what takes place in my mind prior to the decision to make the photograph. It is a complex and very energetic process made up of evaluating, interpreting, analyzing and ultimately decision making.  Through my photography, I have felt privileged and humbled to have experienced so much richness and diversity across the globe. A photograph...

Poster print ‘Sunrise in Tuscany’ by Charlie Waite

£80.02 (£66.68 ex VAT) - FREE UK DELIVERY

Poster print ‘Sunrise in Tuscany’ by Charlie Waite A beautiful poster featuring San Quirico in Tuscany taken by Charlie Waite and printed on 280 gm paper.  All posters will be signed by Charlie himself.  'In 1982, I first came across this farmhouse in a state of total disrepair and I have never seen another photograph of it. Quite justifably, it is now become an iconic landscape scene for photographers from all over the world. ...

Iconic ‘Venice’ poster print signed by Charlie

£54.00 (£45.00 ex VAT) - FREE UK DELIVERY

Iconic ‘Venice’ poster print signed by Charlie A quality poster print entitled, 'Venice' and signed by Charlie Waite personally.  Printed on 280 gm paper.  Only 30 copies remain.  'I had seen this gondola tied up near the bridge a few times as I returned to my lodgings.  It never seemed to be in quite the right place to establish an interlocking of shapes.  I loaded black...

‘Millennium Dawns’ signed poster print

£54.00 (£45.00 ex VAT) - FREE UK DELIVERY

‘Millennium Dawns’ signed poster print High quality poster print entitled 'Sunrise in the Namib Desert' and printed 'Charlie Waite'. “Of all the sunrises I have experienced over many years of photography, this has to be the most magical and spiritual.  Photographed on a 6 x 17 cm camera, yielding only four transparencies on a roll of 120 film. I couldn't bear to leave”.   Charlie Waite Only 50 remain in stock. All poster...

“Just Jane” Lancaster bomber poster

£30.00 (£25.00 ex VAT) - FREE UK DELIVERY

“Just Jane” Lancaster bomber poster Your chance to acquire this image of a Lancaster Bomber which was used to accompany Charlie Waite's editorial piece on British wartime airfields for the book “Icons of England”, published by the CPRE. The editorial: “My father, Rex Waite, never told me very much about what he did in the war. Perhaps he knew that I would not take it in. He was middle-aged when I...

Arc & Line - Signed Copy


Arc & Line - Signed Copy A personally signed copy of Charlie Waite's book Arc & Line Arc & line is a ground-breaking book of black & white and colour fine art photographic images from around the world including the British Isles, that will appeal equally to collectors and photographers, takes landscape photography into the realm of fine art.  Arc & Line focuses on the composition and influence in landscape photography. A very personal...