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‘Venice’ poster signed by Charlie Waite


A quality poster print entitled 'Venice', signed by Charlie Waite.  

'I had seen this gondola tied up near the bridge a few times as I returned to my lodgings.  It never seemed to be in quite the right place to establish an interlocking of shapes.  I loaded black and white film into the film back, set up the camera and tripod and waited.  With an echoing bellow from the bargee, a barge laden with the brilliant colours of tomatoes and oranges came swerving round the corner and passed my gondola, pushing its nose to position almost under the bridge with its passing.  For one lovely luxurious minute I could wait until the elboarate and proud prow would quietly drift backwards and, at the given moment, when the bridge and prow quietly interlocked, I depressed the shutter. 

A second later, the relationship disintegrated and with a board grin on my face, I packed up to levae the strange spotty cows and vivid green fields of England. The whole thing had ben really rather lovely.'

Measuring 47.3cm in width by 68.3cm in height around the outer edge. Printed on 280 gm paper.

All posters will be carefully wrapped in tissue and dispatched to you in a cardboard tube. 

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‘Venice’ poster signed by Charlie Waite ‘Venice’ poster signed by Charlie Waite