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Why bother to print?




Why do I need to print? Why bother? What is the point? Who do I show my prints to? How do I get an exhibition? Do I have the confidence to have an exhibition in the first place? Do I print my own prints? If not. who does and what would it cost?



But I have made my photographs and I am proud of them!

Are they only ever to be seen on Facebook or instagram?


There are numerous considerations before any decision is made to print but all of them are surmountable and within hours we can be printing images of our work. There is nothing to compare with the immense pleasure from seeing our work emerging from the printer on the paper that we have decided which best suits our work.


Terms like custom printer profile and paper profiles can be bewildering along with others like calibration all of which can combine together resulting in fear and apprehension along with ‘No I never print my own work, I send it off’


The paper choice is critical. What governs our choice of paper? There is an array of papers to choose from but the answer is always to test, test and test more.


My own choice is a textured paper known as Platinum Etching 285. It is velvety textured paper. Once you begin to become familiar with the personality and character of your paper, then your printing style and printing techniques will develop along side the formation and development of your signature.



Only when you print, does your image convey the authority you wish it to have.


The print is your photograph’s rightful inheritance.



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