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Seeing Scotland

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Presented by world-renowned landscape photographer Charlie Waite, Seeing Scotland is a ground-breaking 6 part series that explores and discusses the inspiration, dedication and human interest behind photography.

Each journey takes a concentrated look into one of the many elements involved in making a photograph, from light, through to composition, wildlife and even ways of improving portraiture. Set amid some of Scotland’s most stunning scenery, and enlivened by Charlie’s encounters with local characters along the way, Seeing Scotland is a lavish pictorial celebration with breathtaking images, both moving and still. The six 30 minute programmes on this DVD cover:

Tips and Tricks
Alternative Techniques

About the series; 
Seeing Scotland sets out to visually inspire, technically guide and improve the photographic skills of its viewers. The series follows Charlie Waite as he travels the length and breadth of Scotland in a bid to capture some of the country's most stunning and extraordinary scenery, including coastal, countryside and city locations. Each location provides the canvas on which Charlie explores and discusses a selection of different elements involved in photography. This is complimented with a number of characters which Charlie meets in along the way, adding an extremely pleasant and light-hearted human element not to mention adding a unique insight into local knowledge at these stunning locations.

Produced and Directed by Ella B Waite 
For Scottish and Grampian TV in association with Frame of Mind Productions Ltd.

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Seeing Scotland