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New hardback book ‘Behind the Photograph’ by Charlie Waite


“Over the last 20 years, I have become more and more intrigued as to what takes place in my mind prior to the decision to make the photograph. It is a complex and very energetic process made up of evaluating, interpreting, analyzing and ultimately decision making.  Through my photography, I have felt privileged and humbled to have experienced so much richness and diversity across the globe. A photograph has no human voice nor music to support it. It just is. At its best, I feel that a still image of the landscape can contain a sense of purity that settles my mind and offers me the opportunity to reflect and wonder at our world”  Charlie Waite

The photographs included in ‘Behind the Photograph’ are a collection of images taken by Waite from across the globe.  Waite’s work conveys a sense of spirituality and calm, ever more poignant in our fast-paced and ever-changing world.  His ability to stop the viewer and present an opportunity for reflection and peace, however temporary, is second to none. 

Waite’s everlasting legacy to landscape photography is evident in ‘Behind the Photograph’. 

Buyers who have purchased the e-book version can email for a discount code and enjoy a copy for £29.99. 

Ten percent of all proceeds from all Pre Orders placed before the launch at the end of October 2019 will be made towards The Woodland Trust . The Trust is passionate about protecting and restoring our ancient woodland areas and creating new native woodland sites all across Great Britain and is the leading voice for woods and trees.

New hardback book ‘Behind the Photograph’ by Charlie Waite New hardback book ‘Behind the Photograph’ by Charlie Waite