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Behind the Photograph Digital Download

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Over recent years I have become more and more intrigued as to what takes place in my mind prior to the decision to make the photograph. This developing interest embraces the response that the viewer makes to the photograph.

The former could be seen as quite a simple process or broken down, perhaps a complex business made up of evaluating, interpreting, analysing and ultimately decision making. 

Behind the Photograph embraces all of these considerations and I have hugely enjoyed returning to the image and looking at my notes that I made at the time. 

Through my photography, I have felt privileged and humbled to have experienced so much richness and diversity across the globe. Culture, colour, creative endeavour are all manifested in the landscape and I merely attempt to harness  these elements into a cohesive image that I hope may stand the test of time. 

Bringing all the disparate parts of a photograph together brings a feeling of immense connection with the landscape. Through the process I find an ability to tap into the rhythm of the landscape and emerge from the engagement enriched.

In a busy world where we are firmly rooted in the information age and perhaps often feel overwhelmed by it all, the humble landscape photograph allows me to be completely still.

A landscape photograph has no supportive music or sound of any kind nor human voice. At best, its role is to silently try and encourage the viewer to be transported to the place where the photographer stood.

It is through the making of the  landscape photograph that my mind can be settled and an opportunity is granted to reflect and wonder at our world. 

Behind the Photograph Digital Download