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Arc & Line Collectors Book


Arc & Line is a photographic monograph of 65 black & white and colour fine art images made from around the world including the British Isles.  Most of the images are new works and even includes two images made as recently as October of this year.  Charlie has included a few of his favourite older images as he felt it important to show how his theme Arc & Line has been an influence over many years.  The book includes a very personal introduction by Charlie which gives a rare glimpse into the passion and perspective of one of the world's most renowned landscape photographers.  It's publishers, Flung describe it as:

“A ground-breaking book, that will appeal equally to collectors and photographers, it takes landscape photography into the realm of fine art”

“I do hope you enjoy my book.  Wishing you continued inspiration and success in your own art collecting and photography”

Best wishes

Charlie Waite

Available as an open edition book, or as part of the special limited edition collector's boxed set. 

Format - hardback

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Arc & Line Collectors Book